Blogging n00b

It’s been years since I’ve had a blog (well, I only ever had a livejournal… do livejournals count?) so I am a little rusty!! But I’ve been studying Korean pretty hardcore lately and I think it’d be cool to have a record of what I’m doing, not only for myself but maybe also for other people who are learning too. And I’d love to meet more people who are learning Korean!

I studied Korean for 4 years in university and did well marks-wise but never really felt confident speaking Korean, and basically graduated with a mostly academic and written-style knowledge of the language. I’m going to be starting my Master’s degree in Korean studies next fall, so I need to step up my vocab level so that I can read without having to constantly consult a dictionary. Right now my goal is to pass the 5th level TOPIK (Test of Proficiency in Korean) next spring!

Honestly, I never studied Korean as hard as I’m studying it now on my own. It seems like I was more suited for self-studying all along. I love studying Korean on my own because I can study whatever I’m interested in – also it’s a challenge, and I love a challenge!

I made a tumblr account (pineapplegame) to record the grammar structures I’ve been studying for the advanced TOPIK exam. I haven’t been updating it in the past couple weeks because right now I’m focusing on studying other things, but I will get back to it soon.

So yeah!  We shall see if I can keep this blog going!! 🙂


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