University of Indiana Korean Materials

While I was doing some research on advanced grammar structures (ie. doing a lot of mad, random googling) I came across the Internet course work site for a four year Korean course run by the University of Indiana. I admit, I’m pretty surprised that a state university in the US Midwest has it in their budget to fund a four-year Korean language program…

Anyway! So this course. It’s based on the Integrated Korean textbooks. Since I’m not in Korea and I’m not able to pay $60+ to order a textbook online and have it shipped to Canada, I don’t usually buy textbooks. The site itself is meant to be a supplement to the materials from the text. Most of the levels just have supplementary stuff that isn’t very useful separate from the textbooks, but the 2nd year and 4th year courses have some great grammar explanations. To be honest, I learned the majority of these structures awhile ago but the instructor’s additional explanations are exceptional and taught me a few things I didn’t know before!

Starting in Level 102 and going until the end of 202, there’s some explanation pages for each grammar structure with lots of example sentences that should help Korean learners. Level 3 is okay – they have some good texts with related questions, but they don’t get into the grammar structures much. Level 4 is a little better, but not as organized as level 2. Still, level 4 has explanations of some grammar that you wouldn’t see on most grammar sites!

University of Indiana Korean Language Materials
Level 101.
Level 102.
Level 201.
Level 202.
Level 301.
Level 302.
Level 401.
Level 402.

Overall, obviously these site are not going to teach you Korean because they’re meant to be used along with the Integrated Korean textbooks. But for those who are studying on our own without access to the text, they’re a good resource to help understand some important grammar structures!

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