A Werewolf Boy (Film)

Last night I went with some friends from the Korean-English language exchange group at my university to see “A Werewolf Boy” (늑대소년) at the Dundas Square cinema in Toronto. The place was PACKED full of Koreans on dates. It was a very sweet movie – nothing like what it looks like from its poster. This photo portrays the mood of the film a lot better than the poster:


Definitely not a horror movie like it looks like in the poster. But I guess sexy, mussed-up bad-guy werewolf Joongki is a better draw than flannel-shirt preppy haired good-boy Joongki. In truth, there was barely any “werewolf” and a lot of “boy getting head pats from a pretty girl”… It was very cute, just don’t expect a satisfying plot line or any real meaningful message from the script. But there’s a lot of light hearted jokes and enough “plot twists” to keep it interesting. It’s good, entertaining eye candy. Apparently it is the latest melodrama film to break the box office records in Korea. Not surprising, considering the teary reaction of most of the audience last night. So I guess it’s tear-jerking eye candy… pretty much the formula for success in the Korean box office!

Anyway, I think the movie would be a good watch for most Korean learners because it’s entertaining and the language is fairly simple. There were English subtitles last night, but it would have been easy for any intermediate learner or above to grasp the film without them.

If it’s showing in a theatre near you, you should check it out!

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