Korean as a Foreign Language Grammar Dictionary

I finally updated my grammar tumblr again! Of course it’s been so long since I’ve done it that I posted it on my personal tumblr first by accident. Well done, me. Anyway, it’s on the ~ㄴ/는가 하면 grammar structure. Probably one of the most awkward structures to try to translate into English.

But in other grammar-related news, I finally got my hands on a copy of the Korean as a Foreign Language Grammar Dictionary (외국어로서의 한국어 문법 사전)!!


I’m too broke to buy it myself at the moment but Ali somehow magically found out that there’s a copy at the Toronto Reference Library. I never would have thought of that… I’m so used to our public libraries having very few Korean materials. So I went to the library the next day and found it! And found SO MUCH MORE too. They have a ton of Korean textbooks and dictionaries there! Yay for reference libraries! I can’t wait to peruse them all. I wish I could take them out but they are only for in-library use. But I think if I find the dictionary really helpful I’ll get myself a copy eventually.


So far I’ve found the grammar explanations to be very helpful and succinct. It would be nice if they included more comparison between similar grammar structures, but really this seems to be a great resource. I struggled a bit with the grammar terms in Korean but once I figure them all out I think studying for the TOPIK test will be a lot easier. The only thing that was annoying was the index, which I haven’t gotten a handle on yet. I’ll go back to the library soon to look up more structures! Oddly exciting…

By the way, I tried to surreptitiously take these photos in the library while a couple of Korean guys were sitting across from me at the table (I’d say 80% of the people at the library are Japanese or Korean international students) but my camera phone always makes that shutter noise when I take photos so… that was pretty embarrassing. I would be a terrible spy. 😦

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