Happy New Year!

So it’s finally 2013… 2012 was a hard year for me, but as always I’m hoping this year will be better. 🙂 One thing is for certain, I will be keeping up my Korean studying – even if I have to start learning Japanese this year (I have to know two Asian languages to get a doctorate degree D:).

I don’t like to make resolutions, but one thing I would like to change this year is my methods of studying. I know I will keep studying, because I love it so much and because I have the goal of passing level 5 TOPIK. But I am really bad at sticking to a certain method of studying! I keep jumping back and forth between different things – like I’ll watch 3.5 episodes of a drama and take notes, and then flip through a grammar book, and then do some old TOPIK tests… but I never actually complete a drama or get through a whole book or finish all the old TOPIK tests… so I don’t feel like I’ve accomplished anything! Also I keep finding new books I want when I haven’t even gotten through the books I have!! I get really frustrated with myself haha.

So my plan for the new year is to try my best to continuously work on one method of studying until it’s completed so that I can feel like my time isn’t being wasted. I’ve spent a lot of time studying over the break but because I can’t say that I finished any project, it’s hard to feel satisfied.

Speaking of my inconsistent studying methods, I’ve updated pineapplegame again. For some reason, I find the ~니까 grammar structure different to wrap my head around because there’s so many different ways to use it – and yet they’re all very specific. 헐. Anyway. Happy studying everyone!

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