TOPIK 30 Results!

The TOPIK results were released today at 3pm Korean time, which meant 3am here (in Toronto)! I didn’t stay up for it last night, but I’ve been having anxious dreams about it for a few hours now this morning so I decided to get up super early and check my results. I can’t believe it!


6급… 합격?!?1 Oh my god! I was really just shooting for 5급 so this is amazing. I felt like I’d done well on the 어휘/문법 section, but I found the 듣기 part really difficult because I was so nervous I wasn’t able to pay attention well. I’m so relieved and thrilled!

Of course, this makes me want to study more now, and not less. I mean, according to the TOPIK website I’m now supposed to be “absolutely fluent in the Korean language for professional research or work”, which is hilariously untrue. My speaking skills are still very lacking and I definitely cannot understand everything I hear. And there is still plenty of vocab I don’t know. But this has given me a bit of a confidence boost and now I’m excited to hit the books some more!

Now I’m heading back to bed for some more sleep – this time without the nervous dreaming about failing grades!


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12 thoughts on “TOPIK 30 Results!

  1. 6급 합격 축하드립니다. 대단하시네요. 저도 한번 토픽 고급 보고 싶지만 실력이… 좀 더 열심히 공부할게요.

  2. sweetangel says:

    Congratulations on getting Topik 6. Thank you very much for sharing the tips and experiences of learning Korean. I really enjoy your blog ^^

  3. wonderrrgirl says:

    Congratulations! Thanks for the follow. I rarely search online for blogs (because they don’t always yield the results I want) so I’m glad to find fellow language learners and people who love East Asian history and culture. 🙂

    • jubirang says:

      Thanks so much! I stumbled across your blog last night and ended up reading a lot of your entries, and there was so much I could relate to… I think your post about having an aversion towards calling guys “오빠” was my favourite, because I’m totally the same way! Great job with your blog!

  4. darkfire382 says:

    Congratulations! 😀 Topik 6? That’s awesome! Haha, I feel like studying now. XD The day I get to the level where I’m considered ready for professional work and research… I’d probably stare at whatever or whoever informed me of that like ._. in happiness and disbelief. Mainly disbelief. XD

  5. hangukdrama says:

    wow congrats!!! 😀 😀 Happy for you!! 😀

  6. Kanha says:

    Congratulation! I am now preparing for 고급 and I want to give up already. 😦 but anyway, your writing score is really great! Do you have any keys to learn it by far?

    • jubirang says:

      Don’t give up! I practiced for the writing section by studying this book:, and practicing writing sentences with some of the grammar points it introduces. I made a tumblr here with some explanations of the grammar points, if you aren’t able to get the book: Don’t bother trying to use the really complex, rare ones. My biggest tip would be to keep it simple! Since they deduct marks for mistakes, just do what you’re comfortable with and don’t try to be overly complex just because it’s the “advanced” level. That seems to have worked for me! 🙂

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