TOPIK Videos

So the day after I resolve to stick to consistent study methods, I end up stumbling upon the TOPIK Korea channel on Youtube and spending all day watching these vids -_-. Oi.

Oh well, it was really educational! The teachers break down the four sections of two of the most recent TOPIK tests and go through each question one by one, explaining all of the possible answer choices. Awesome, right? I learnt a lot of points that either I’ve never learnt before, or had completely forgotten. The unfortunate thing is that they only have the complete series uploaded for the Intermediate level. There is one Advanced video but it’s only one question from each section 😦 It’s like an MV teaser… that is never followed by the full version. ._.

Anyway, the teachers are really great. The instruction is done entirely in Korean, which is ideal, and they speak very clearly so it’s easy to understand. The teacher who does the Grammar section is particularly helpful, and she really reminds me of Kim Sun Ah. The way she drags her vowels out at the end of some sentences sounds just like her, haha.

I’ve embedded the videos for test 25 under the cut, but they’ve got videos for test 26 on their Youtube channel too! Happy studying!

TOPIK Test 25 중급






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4 thoughts on “TOPIK Videos

  1. alodia says:

    Goldmine! Goldmine! Thanks!!!! Very helpful!!!
    And how’d you know Kim Sun Ah drags the final vowels of her sentences. You… aren’t a fan, are you? ^_^*

    • jubirang says:

      Haha, yes I love her! She’s my favourite Korean actress after 전지현. When I said she drags her final vowels I meant she does that went she’s kind of doing like… baby talk when she’s talking down to someone? Haha, do you know what I mean? I can just hear her doing it my head!

      • alodia says:

        Wow! Glad to meet you! I’m a big fan of hers. I just don’t want to assume right away. I recently made a mistake of asking someone if she’s a fan of Kim Sun Ah and the little creature started ranting how she hates her and how she can’t stand her blah blah blah. I really wouldn’t mind what other people think but, seriously, I think I made it quite obvious that I AM a big fan. 완전 눈치 없다, 그 것이!

        I’m really glad you’ve mentioned it! I probably won’t notice it if you didn’t. It’s 10x more fun listening to the grammar videos coz it feels like Kim Sun Ah’s teaching me! At first I can’t actually catch the similarity you’ve mentioned. Though they both have the tendency to drag their final vowels it didn’t remind me of Kim Sun Ah’s speaking style. I mean, yeah similar but I can’t picture Kim Sun Ah. But after about 5 minutes, it clicked! I felt like I was hearing Kim Sam Soon reading Momo to Mi Joo! And from then on, the picture of Kim Sun Ah on my head won’t go away whenever I listen to the grammar lessons. 호호호!

        Again, thanks! 🙂

      • jubirang says:

        Hehe! I’m glad you were able to hear it too eventually!! ^^

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